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Helping our people navigate toward a brighter future 

Building Dreams

Dream Navigator’s team provides career management curriculum and training for leaders who work with indigenous youth and adults.  Students become grounded in their culture as they learn life lessons and values from their elders and legendary heroes.  These heroes become role models, encouraging the  development of leadership and technical skills that will provide service to their family, tribe, and community.

Dream Navigator’s founder, Gaylene Nikora has trained indigenous leaders on three continents and throughout the Pacific.  With over 25 years in Senior HR Management she began to see a pattern in the way that our youth and adults were approaching their studies and the job search process. 


Students who were merely focusing their efforts on getting into college really didn’t see the whole picture.  Those who identified their career path at a young age and focused on obtaining the knowledge and work experience leading to their “dream job” were naturally more successful in college and in their careers. Those who postponed critical decision making until they were in high school or college were not as likely to graduate from high school on time, continue to post-secondary programs, receive higher paying jobs, or achieve immediate job satisfaction.  

At Dream Navigator, we focus on helping students get a broader focus on life by navigating toward a realistic job and career path, one that suits their desired lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences.  By letting your students lead the way, they are more successful, resilient, and self-motivated to achieve their goals. 

As a teacher, counselor, or tribal leader you will enjoy the many new and engaging options Dream Navigator provides as you build a college and career readiness program. 

Contact us to find out what you can do to give your students the confidence they need to live a happy and satisfying life.

Our Shared Vision

We believe that life achievement and success for our indigenous population is accomplished by advocacy, sustained cultural identity, and in the importance of self-discovery.  

We know that as each person discovers the gifts and talents that they possess, they will be guided toward a career and future filled with increased self-confidence and personal accomplishment.