Career Planning Systems ​

Helping our people navigate toward a brighter future 

Dream Navigator’s Career Planning System consists of several programs which enable students to find direction, confidence, and satisfaction with their chosen career path.  The systematic combination of these resources will help you to be confident that you are offering the best in place based career management curriculum.

Sunrise Curriculum

The Dawning of a New Day

Written by Dream Navigator these series of workbooks provide step by step activities that will help students prepare for the job search process. In partnership with tribes or indigenous groups, we can re-build the Sunrise Curriculum around cultural legends and values connecting students to their heritage in a powerful way.  Our easy to follow teacher guides will enable you to help your students create a Personal Transition Plan, prepare them for college and learn how to obtain employment in career options that matches their personality, skills, and financial goals. 

Coaching Young People for Success 

Coaching Young People for Success uses a powerful coaching model that takes students on a journey of self-discovery, encouraging life, career, and academic success.  You will learn how to help students reach inside themselves and gain the willpower they need to achieve greatness.  This program utilizes positive psychology and coaching methods proven to assist young people in finding direction in their lives and build the skills necessary to achieve their goals.  Leaders are able to purchase leader’s kits and receive online training or you may contact us directly to schedule your very own on-site training.

Career Cruising

Career Cruising has the online resources to scientifically point students toward careers that are best suited to their personality, aptitude, and skill levels.  This program will validate the results from their other Dream Navigator resources and simplify the career planning process.  College choices and career information are automatically linked to assessment results, providing a clear path to a successful future.  

Career Cruising’s assessments accurately define careers that your students can relate to.  It’s engaging and easy to navigate with a variety of products suitable for students from grades 6-12.